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Where do “I” go from here?

Where do I go from here? is a 25 minute work that asks questions of identity construction, of belonging, and of the building and tearing down of communities. In four sections, there are moments of tension, exhaustion, release, and suspension as the work interrogates these questions within a cycle — a cycle that never concludes with the dancers finding their “true place”. The section titles are as follows:

1) “This is not the beginning…”

2) Blank Slate

3) Finding Our Habits

4) “… but I don’t know how to tell you where it starts.”

Highlight reel and excerpts of this work coming soon. Please contact at, or the contact page, for inquiries about the full work and access to the video.

Of What, On Whom?

What does it feel like to be on the outside looking in? On the outside of what? Looking in on whom? This solo explores these questions as the audience is on the outside of the dancer looking in, and the dancers is both looking out at them and looking on the outside of herself. This work is an improvised score that was devised and performed within a two-week workshop/performance process, titled “Solos/Not Solos: Who else is in the room?”, that sought to interrogate the process of solo making and how solos are always in relation to other people even as they focus on an individual.

Finding Our Habits 

“I am a creature of habit. I watch, I learn, I absorb, I replicate. Are all of our habits recreations and/or reiterations of something or someone else?”

Finding Our Habits is one of four sections of a work in progress, titled Where do “I” go from here?. This piece was first presented in November 2018 as part of Brown University’s Fall Dance Concert. 


Noise seeks to explore the performance of “solos among solos”. It questions the feeling of each individual operating without attention to or sometimes even awareness of the other people encountered in the space. The traces of “unison” throughout this relatively disjointed set of solo pieces show threads of community or resonance and interrogates how they can be found without direct communication between each of the people in the space.


(hours) is one piece of a 16 part improvisational exploration. For each piece in the series, I improvised to recordings of journal entries that I had written months before, then chose music/soundscapes to accompany each filmed product. In this particular work, I chose to preserve some of my vocalizations to give the audience glimpses of the thoughts that influenced the movement.

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