Remember why you came here in the first place.

That whisper in your ear that dared you to imagine that this is a place you should be.

That pull that couldn’t be ignored.

And you’re here now, don’t forget.

To breath life into this space.

To ground yourself in that curiosity that sparked your desire to begin.

On this journey in which you have no visualization of the end. Why do we spend so much time thinking of our “ends”?

We light a match and spend its lifetime awaiting the moment its flame grazes our fingertips.

Ever anxious from the time the flame is born until we’re left with its smoke.

And too quickly we forget that thought that brushed our minds and asked us to give it a strike.

A try.

We stop ourselves in our tracks when we cloud our “tries” with our expectation of its end.

Its outcome.

Constantly looking forward to the next.

Why throw ourselves into this limbo?

When you can soak in the memory of the present.

When you can bask in the “why” of right now.

I’ve forgotten where I was going with this train of thought.

Maybe I got too caught up thinking about where it would go.

Where it would land.

Who it would land with.

How it would sit, maybe soak, maybe simmer at the edges of your fingertips.

Maybe I got too excited about the accomplishment, as if too much excitement is something that can exist.

I got ahead of myself.

I got ahead of you.

I got ahead of us.

I lit my candle and blew it out before I could remember why I lit it in the first place.

I forgot where we were.

Did you?

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