First Post!

(and first video)

Hi there! Here’s the commencement of my website/blog. In the future, I hope to write cohesive thoughts about performances and technology and anything else that pertains to my life. This is more than a journal, since I already have a journal I don’t really need an online one in addition. Recently I’ve had the desire to think more critically about things outside of my assignments as well as challenge myself to create more work (both in terms of writing and dance) and share these things online. So this is just my public archival, that I hope to extend beyond a website template that I’m using and hopefully write the code on my own.

Since I’m not particularly inspired to write an essay for this post, I figured I would share a video instead.

This was filmed in December of last year (on my laptop, hence the not super great quality). As the description of the video on youtube says, I wasn’t actually improvising to this music (“Song 2” by DJ Krush). It was edited on top later to hide my responses to questions that I was answering while improvising (with this edit, it ends in silence but I thought that was a nice touch). I think there’s value in knowing what I was saying but I also am not willing to share my inner self with whoever stumbles upon this post. I will, however, be posting more videos like this (most likely that will be dubbed with music as well) as part of a series of work that I plan to start as soon as possible, probably tomorrow. More about that will come with the first post of that, but this is sort of a preview for the types of things that may come up.

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