Nia is a choreographer, dancer, software engineer, theorist, and creator of many forms. A recent graduate of Brown University, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Performance Studies. She currently works as a full time Software Engineer at Google in their NYC office and is actively seeking opportunities to perform original choreography in the Greater NYC area.

During her time at Brown, she was a member of Dance Extension, Brown’s first and only modern repertory company. With Extension, she had the pleasure of performing works by Robert Battle, David Parsons, Ruth Andrien, and more. During the fall of her sophomore year, she had the opportunity to choreograph an original work, title Noise, on members of the company to present in Fall Dance Concert. Her most recent choreographic work was a four section, approximately 20 minute piece titled Where do “I” go from here? This piece was developed through the senior slot opportunity in the department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown. The work aims to explore and interrogate a cycle of defining and redefining oneself in terms of other people. This project was first presented in May of 2019 as part of Brown’s Spring Festival of Dance. More information about this work can be found on the projects page. She is also a member and co-creator of Here’s T(w)o Collective. More details about this duo can be found here.

As an engineer, Nia now works full time at Google on the Cloud SQL platform. Previously, she spent the summers of 2017 and 2018 as a technical intern at Google. As an Engineering Practicum intern in 2017, she worked on the G+ Communities Android team to develop a new feature for the community moderator tools. The following summer, she worked on the Census team under Google Cloud. Both internships were in Sunnyvale, California. Through her current role, she is excited to dive into cloud computing and learn more about the product space as a frontend engineer. Outside of building, she is passionate about STEM education and mentorship, primarily for underrepresented groups. She has worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant, provided mentorship as an academic coach at Brown, and volunteered through Google programs, university programs, and others, as a way to encourage young kids through young adults to consider careers in technology.

With her love for dance, technology, and theory, Nia constantly works to find the overlaps in her areas of interest. Surveillance theory, digital doubles, and social media as a site for performance are just a few topics that she has explored both in her coursework and in other aspects of life.  She works continually to bring her artistic self to her programming and vice versa.