I am a choreographer, dancer, software engineer, theorist, and creator of many forms. I’m learning how to use this platform I’ve set up as a space for thought, hopefully inspiration, and a place that people might be called to come back to. I’m thinking about what work I need to be doing, how I can make myself available where I’m needed, how I can work to be a healer, how I can work to help others and myself feel at home. 

With my love for dance, technology, and theory, as I previously wrote here, I’m constantly working to find the overlaps in my areas of interest. Surveillance theory, digital doubles, and social media as a site for performance are just a few topics that I has explored both in her coursework and in other aspects of life. I’m working to absorb all that I’m learning through the ways that these interests and others are manifesting in real time. If you’re here, if you’re with me, stay with me, listen to me when you feel called to, and let me know what you think.

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